A1 Commodities was born in 2020 combining a pool of collaborators and partners who have been working together for several years, many of them, since 2004. Over this long time, we have sourced agricultural products in all Brazilian producing regions, distributed those products to the Brazilian domestic market and exported them to the most demanding and qualified global markets.

We have learned from our business partnerships that lasting and fruitful relationships are first built by people and that this will always be the essential foundation of A1 Commodities. Producers, cooperatives, agricultural inputs companies, logistic partners and our clients will always be assisted by managers who deeply understand their demands and will work constantly to assure them a tailor-made, close and exclusive service. We believe that the negotiated amounts must be the outcome of a well done, clear, and ethical work.

"Decommoditizing commodities" is our motto. Nowadays, the inertia of the unbridled search for business carried out without the proper criteria turned the trading of agricultural products into somewhat standardized and impersonal, which is completely distinct from what we believe to be a virtuous and reciprocal model. We conduct our business with great closeness, striving to be present in the field, alongside the producer, as well as in the most diverse world destinations. All this commercial asset has been in our hands for many years, and now it can allow the continuity of these relationships within A1 Commodities' platform.

The determination to go beyond and run away from the basics and the traditional allowed this team to participate among the pioneers in important initiatives that have now become a reality in global demands, including the consolidation of the Brazilian barter, the first non-transgenic soy operations with high traceability and certification, participation in sustainability programs and selection by specific and strict qualities for all the products we sell.

The name A1 refers to the word QUALITY, a status that can be both produced and demanded by the best and most qualified Brazilian growers and global customers, as well as by the skilled players along the logistics chain.

Finally, besides the permanent search for the intrinsic quality of our products and the high performance of our services, we seek to deeply understand the needs of our partners, to develop complete and effective product solutions to their exact needs.

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