A1 Commodities was born in 2020 combining a pool of collaborators and partners who have been working together for several years, many of them, since 2004. Over this long time, we have sourced agricultural products in all Brazilian producing regions, distributed those products to the Brazilian domestic market and exported them to the most demanding and qualified global markets.


We have in our team and in our commercial background, the expertise in structuring sophisticated operations of identification, sourcing, traceability, and certification of products with requirements and characteristics that go beyond the available normal standards in the market. As an example, since 2005 we have been sourcing and exporting multiple or singular varieties of non-transgenic products, in soft or high identity preserved traceability and certification programs, predominantly to Asian and European markets


The continuous search for good practices in the social and environmental fields are part of our DNA.


Besides the traditional transactions of agricultural products acquisition through contracts for forward deliveries or the available market (spot), our team has expertise in structuring more complex operations, while offering the agricultural growers and cooperatives a wide range of products and services. We have registered in our history and experience, hundreds of structured operations in all producing areas of the Brazilian territory


The combination of vast experience in the commerce of agricultural commodities with technology is a powerful tool.

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